Antler Dog Bones

We quickly noticed the scraps of antler from manufacturing antler furniture and antler chandeliers were and amazing all natural solution to dog bone chew treats!

all natural Antler Dog Bone chew treatAntler dog bone chews are set apart from traditional bones as they will not stain your carpet, splinter or turn into slimy goo. They are naturally shed deer or elk antler pieces. No fillers, preservatives, added color or anything else! It’s just a bone the way nature intended!

 It’s just a bone the way nature intended! No animals are hurt in the collection of this bone!

all natural antler dog bone chew treatOur all natural antler dog bone chews are naturally shed antlers, gathered in the forest or on ranch lands at various times of the year around Colorado, Utah & New Mexico, they are all weathered at different stages. The slight weathering may lead to discoloration or outer hairline cracking. We will NOT package antlers that are rotted, have cracks penetrating the center of the bone, or we believe would be a hazard to any pet. Older dogs, mild chewers, or dogs who only get them for short periods of time do not need to be concerned as much for the weathered effects, in fact it allows these dogs to get the mineral benefit much easier. We have been selling these antler dog bones for pets successfully for over 7 years.

If you have concerns or have an aggressive chewer please request a deer “base end”, the part closest to the head of the deer at the bur. It is the most dense part of the antler and a lot more work to gnaw on. They are available in Large or Extra large size. Questions? PLEASE ask!

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About Us:

Aussie the Australian Shepard Mutt Rescue with all natural antler dog boneThe Peak Antler Company’s dog bone products were started by the family dog Aussie, an Australian Shepard/Dingo mix rescue from a shelter. Our main work involves Antler Chandeliers, Antler Lamps and Antler Furniture using all types of Elk, Moose, Fallow Deer, White Tail Deer and Mule Deer. Aussie would sneak into the shop and steal good antlers out of the pile. She would run off into the yard, chew on them for hours and bury them to save for later. She wouldn’t give them back even when I caught her stealing “red-pawed”. We came home one day to find she had discovered the antlers in the coffee table as well, that wasn’t so cute. It became obvious she loved antler more than any other bone or puppy chews we gave her. I cut up a few pieces of scrap antler for her in hopes of preventing more theft and save our furniture. It worked! Everyone was happy and the furniture was saved! Soon after, a friend with an adorably large black Labrador retriever puppy who also discovered antler accent furniture in their home told us their story. We shared a scrap piece of antler which again successfully saved their antler furniture and entertained the puppy for hours. They began asking for more antler pieces for their friends dogs and the news spread fast. It grew organically into a business by demand, just the way nature intended!

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