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We Buy Antlers!

Got Antler? 

We buy Elk & Mule Deer Antlers!


***No exceptations! Do not show up unannounced! I have many clients and projects going on at once, I will have to ask you to come back another time.***

We buy Antlers, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, and Fallow DeerWe buy shed antlers by the pound, sometimes by the truck load. We are located in Divide, Colorado, 30 minutes west of Colorado Springs. Shipping antler is most economical when you have over 50-60 pounds.

Antlers are becoming more popular so we need to make up a little inventory shortage for building our Antler Furniture & Antler Lighting products, the scraps we sell as All Natural Antler Dog Bone Chew Treats

We buy Antlers, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, and Fallow Deer

We buy antlers – Elk Antlers, Mule Deer Antler, Large Fallow Deer Antler, & Moose Antler in all sizes.


Note: Most American White Tail deer antlers are small and not usable in building chandeliers, therefore I get most all my White Tail antlers from Canada.  Unless your White tail antlers are quite large, I am not interested.

Priced by quality grade:

A grade – brown & beautiful antler sheds which are typically this years drop. (Roughly $12 per lb)

B grade – good condition, no chalkiness, may be dull or faded on one side, slightly weathered, probably last years drop. No cracked or broken tips. (Roughly $10 per lb)

C grade – white & weathered, chalky, or A/B grade with broken pieces. (Roughly $4 per lb)

We do not carry trophy mounts or pay extra for record sheds or match pairs.

We can use your own antler sheds when possible to create your own unique antler lighting, antler furniture or art piece. Or better, we can trade out your antler pile for credit on custom antler piece.

Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a buying appointment!

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